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Marriage Armor for the #PrayingBride

While I’m waiting for Prayers for New Brides to be released, I’ve been working on something to help us all protect our marriages through prayer.

Marriage Armor for the #PrayingBride offers you a simple, one-sentence prayer based on God’s Word to pray over your marriage. It is available in a daily email or a weekly digest (click those links to see a complete sample of each).

Here’s a glimpse of the weekly option.

Marriage Armor Weekly Digest sample image

My hope is to help wives of every age and stage of marriage to simply rely on God to supply all we need and more than we can imagine. The focus is on praying God’s Word consistently believing it is the Sword of the Spirit of God.

Prayer is simple and God is faithful. His Word always accomplishes His plan.

I believe He is waiting to pour out His unlimited love, power and resources on us. All we have to do is ask and believe.

Imagine our marriages a year from now and five years from now brimming with more of the fruits of His spirit than we comprehend. I believe He will use us to display faith, hope, and love to those we influence. I envision us as cities on a hill where people see God!

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Healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Thanks to Veteran’s Day, we’ve set our minds on honoring those who courageously served and those who continue to serve. My family is filled with people who served our country well. My nephew-in-law is an Army man and has recently served in Afghanistan. Praise our God for raising up armies of men and women to serve as our defenders.

honoring soldiers Veterans Day

The celebration of Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi’s return from captivity in Mexico is on my mind. The trauma of being a brave warrior and yet a prisoner must be intense. Now that he is home, his mind will need to adjust to not being a prisoner. While he is physically free, his brain chemicals will likely still be protecting him.

Are you familiar with post traumatic stress disorder? It’s the professional’s label for flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, emotional numbness, and that edgy feeling that occurs after something traumatic happens. Survivors of all kinds of abuse and horrible incidents deal with it. Many of our veterans, our defenders, have it.

Consider how a life of anxiety, depression, and edginess could affect a family. I can see how fear, hiding, and feelings of rejection could be etched into a family line. Addictions, abuse, divorce, and suicide are often relied upon as the emotional painkillers. The strategies of the prince of this world certainly emerge in that list. It’s not hard to see “kill, steal, and destroy” in those symptoms and choices, is it?

But God! He is the Great Physician, our Healer, the lifter of our heads, and He is the ultimate authority in heaven and earth. Balancing brain chemicals is not a task our God would shy away from. 

Pray for Soldiers with PTSD

As faith-filled praying people, we can intercede for of those who valued our freedom more than their own lives. We pray in the name of the One who lived on this earth to set the captives free. We believe He invited us to leave a life of fear because He offers a tangible hope, true healing, and strength for our weaknesses.

Join me in praying in for anyone experiencing these life-hindering distresses, especially our veterans and their families.

We declare that You are their trustworthy God offering their minds an experience of safety, an impenetrable fortress of protection. (Isaiah 41:10, 13, Psalm 91:2)

Let Your strength reside within their minds causing them to be resilient regardless of the fears and felt threats. (Isaiah 41:10, Ephesians 3:16)

Today, I rejoice in the hope You have the power to calm the storm within their brains. (Romans 12:12, Matthew 8:26)

Raise a guard of protection for their hearts and minds so that peace can blanket their lives like green pastures. (Philippians 4:7, Psalm 23:2)

Bring Your Word, the Sword of the Spirit, to war against their anxiety and lift their heavy hearts. (Proverb 12:25)

Thank Your for work of the Holy Spirit who presents their needs to Your throne of mercy and healing. (Romans 8:26)

You are the Most High God and the Healer with complete authority over anxiety, depression, and unruly brain chemicals. (Psalm 47:2, Psalm 107:20)

I pray to You, O God, in faith that when I draw near to You on their behalf, You will rush to their aid. (James 4:8, 5:15)

Fill their minds with the vivid experience of Your joy, Your perspective, Your beauty so there is no room for illness and distress. (John 15:11, Jeremiah 33:3, Philippians 4:8)

Let their family members find You faithful in supplying all their needs and see Your glory as You heal them. (Philippians 4:19, John 11:4)

Nothing is impossible with You, Lord. (Luke 1:37)

In Jesus, we present these requests to You knowing that You are able to do so much more than we have asked or than we can imagine. Let it be so, Lord.

Election Results, God’s Power and Prayer

How much power do politicians possess and who gives it to them?

We all had our opportunity to vote yesterday. So much time, energy, and money was spent on electing the right people. I’m grateful we have a voice. And I’m even more grateful that God is the ultimate decision maker.

…and the government will be on his shoulders. Isaiah 9:6

God appoints kings

In the book of Daniel we see the government is really under God’s authority. [Read more…]

Courageously Waiting on God

It takes courage to wait for God to move.

If life were a puzzle, how would you react to the incomplete picture and missing puzzle pieces?

waiting courageously on God 2

Last summer, I watched my mom tackle two different jigsaw puzzles. The first puzzle was a challenge but certainly seemed doable. She worked at it in her free time, allowed others the joy of helping and then voila! It was done. We celebrated the victory and moved on.

But the second was a 3D puzzle of ocean creatures with slightly varying shades of blue on the majority of the pieces. To us it was the BIG DADDY of all puzzles with the added challenge of a few missing pieces, even a few from the border. I walked away after five minutes, choosing the tranquility of reading a book instead of the dizzying sea of pieces. My stepfather did the same. Not mom. She never gave up. She worked at it the entire week of vacation.

What about the missing puzzle pieces in your life?

Click on over to keep reading the benefits of courageously waiting on God. I’m guest posting at Single Matters and this article will encourage everyone regardless of your marriage status.


Simple Prayers for the Spouse Who Wants a Divorce

This post assumes the divorce is desired because sin is leading the person away from marriage. I recognize that is not always the case.

What do you do when you hear that someone wants to leave or has chosen to leave their marriage? It’s easy to worry about them. But that worry can steal our joy and our peace. It can even lead to gossip and slander.

We need a plan to prevent our minds from racing down that unproductive trail and adding to the problem. We need to know what God can do and invite Him to do it. Praying His Word reminds us of His power and promises. It also insures that we are asking according to His will and He promises He will answer those prayers! I love a guarantee.

Simple Prayers for Someone Choosing Divorce

Here are 12 One-Sentence prayers you and I can pray for the person who wants to walk away from their marriage. [Read more…]

Simple Prayers for Marriages in Crisis

Many marriages are struggling. I have dear friends and acquaintances who are considering separating. Some are living in the aftermath of a traumatic separation. I’m guessing you know a few too. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it!?

God may open the door for us to share with them our courageous faith in Jesus, their marriage Savior. But we may find our attempts to help are fiercely resisted.

But nothing can stop us from interceding for their marriage. We can draw near to God on their behalf trusting Him to help them.

Pray the Word for Troubled Marriages

Join me in praying these one-sentence, Scriptural prayers for couples in crisis. We can confidently pray His Word because He has promised to hear prayers that agree with His will. [Read more…]

Fearless and Fruitful Suffering

The headlines read, “The Advance of the Gospel” and “You Can’t Imprison the Message.”

They refer to Philippians 1:12-18, a letter from Paul explaining that his jail time is actually being used by God to advance the Good News about Jesus Christ.

“And most of the brothers, having become confident in the Lord by my imprisonment, are much more bold to speak the Word without fear.” Philippians 1:14

Why would Paul’s imprisonment make other Christians more confident in God?

He was imprisoned because He preached the gospel. People who knew that his ministry landed him in jail became “much more bold to speak the Word without fear.”

Fearless Suffering

That is not natural is it? The potential threat of prison seemed to be of no consequence to them.

I wanted to understand why Paul’s hardship caused others to become bolder witnesses. So I researched a few commentaries and here is what I found:

“Paul’s example gives them courage, because they know that he is suffering for the love of Christ, and is supported in his sufferings by the grace of Christ.” Pulpit Commentary

I can see that. Through Paul’s letters they knew that God was giving him endurance. Imprisonment had less power than God’s Spirit in Paul.

“They feared God and not man,” Gils Exposition of the Entire Bible

I’m guessing the “fear” was an awe of God who supernaturally caused Paul to write words of love and encouragement to them from a jail cell. Only God could fill a man with this goodness while He experienced such injustice.

Another commentary explained that God’s “presence, power, grace, and Spirit, emboldened them.” I want to soak in this truth!

Have you been “delayed” in doing good? Does illness, the lack of funds, a relationship conflict, or an injustice seem to stand in your way from ministering to others? Do you feel your God-appointed purpose has been thwarted?

What if your trial could actually be used to advance the gospel? Could your suffering be a tool God is using to inspire twenty or more people to live courageously for Him. If it were possible in Paul’s life, it is certainly possible in yours.

May we all live fearlessly in the face of suffering using Paul and Jesus as our examples. (Tweet it)

Prayer Prompt:

There is none like You God! No one but You could bring good from circumstances that are deeply rooted in evil intent.

In the midst of temptation, disrespect, and sickness, You are my strength.

I surrender my desire to choose how You will use my life in Your Kingdom. I release my expectation to escape suffering and delay.

I am Your beloved creation, Your servant, and a vessel of Your glory. Use me in any way so that the hearts of those who see me are filled with Your fear-defying courage.

In Jesus, I pray.


Courageous Prayer: I Am Your Servant

We continue our Courageous Prayers Series with this simple prayer inspired by Isaiah 44.

I Am Your Servant

Sear my mind with the reality that I cannot measure up or compete with You.

You are God, the One who made me, and I am Your servant.

My eyes are exposed to Your hate mail. My ears hear the taunts that You are not for me.

Refresh me with evidence of Your faithfulness.

I open my fists of fear to receive Your goodness.

Let Your grace flow into the gaping holes of my weak faith.

God Loves where it is unexpected and undeserved










Give me eyes to see You incessantly pouring out love where it is unexpected and undeserved. [Read more…]

Deliver Us From Evil: Courageous Prayers

There are troubles a plenty in this life. We don’t have to look very far to see that the evil one is busy and productive.

What troubles you?

Is there evil lurking in the lives of those God has given you to love?

Deliver us from Evil prayer firetruck

In the midst of the trials, the fears, the sufferings, the years of waiting, we have a God who delivers. [Read more…]

Asking God for Courage

As I studied for last week’s post, I learned that Elijah was a pretty obscure guy. There’s no backstory on him. We don’t know if he came from a line of brave men or a band of gypsies. He was a man with a nature like ours and he faced a very evil king with a word from the Lord.

How did he get so brave?

In this video, well known authors and pastors, Francis Chan and David Platt discuss the gift of courage given to us by God. [Read more…]