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Simple Prayers for the Spouse Who Wants a Divorce

This post assumes the divorce is desired because sin is leading the person away from marriage. I recognize that is not always the case.

What do you do when you hear that someone wants to leave or has chosen to leave their marriage? It’s easy to worry about them. But that worry can steal our joy and our peace. It can even lead to gossip and slander.

We need a plan to prevent our minds from racing down that unproductive trail and adding to the problem. We need to know what God can do and invite Him to do it. Praying His Word reminds us of His power and promises. It also insures that we are asking according to His will and He promises He will answer those prayers! I love a guarantee.

Simple Prayers for Someone Choosing Divorce

Here are 12 One-Sentence prayers you and I can pray for the person who wants to walk away from their marriage. Let’s pray these in the name of Jesus, who has insured the spiritual blessings our friends need.

1. God, grant ______________ a Damascus Road like experience that will transform _______ focus to You and Your will. (Acts 9:1-19)

2. God, I invite You to help ______________ fear You and hold Your Word in high esteem so that _______ will be satisfied in life and this marriage. (Proverbs 19:23)

3. God, please impart Your wisdom into _________’s mind so that_______ heart is pure, peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. (James 3:17)

4. God, please pour out Your spirit on ______________ giving _______ dreams and visions that will lead ________ to fulfill the vows _______ made to to You and ______________. (Acts 2:17)

5. God if ______________’s lack of love for ______________ means that_______ does not know You, I invite You to make Yourself known to _______. (1 John 4:8)

6. God please remind ______________ that true love is patient, kind, rejoices in truth, and endures all things with hope. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

7. God, I invite Your steadfast love and righteousness into ______________’s heart trusting that faithfulness and peace will follow. (Psalm 85:10)

8. God please guide ______________ to aim for restoration with ______________ and to a life of peace and harmony together. (2 Corinthians 13:11)

9. God, please grant ______________ a fresh dose of true humility so _______ can think with sober judgment and act on the faith You freely give. (Romans 12:3)

10. God, please help ______________ see Your path for _______ life and marriage and desire it above everything else. (Psalm 16:11)

11. God ______________ needs Your help to be humble enough to pray and seek Your face and turn from _______ wicked ways. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

12. God, please restore to ______________ the joy of Your salvation and help _______ to be willing to obey You. (Psalm 51:12)


Our pastor, Ted Cunningham, encourages us to be great backup singers in the lives of the couples around us. Here is the sermon audio and video for added inspiration to be the light to other marriages in your sphere of influence.

Simple Prayers for Marriages in Crisis

Many marriages are struggling. I have dear friends and acquaintances who are considering separating. Some are living in the aftermath of a traumatic separation. I’m guessing you know a few too. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it!?

God may open the door for us to share with them our courageous faith in Jesus, their marriage Savior. But we may find our attempts to help are fiercely resisted.

But nothing can stop us from interceding for their marriage. We can draw near to God on their behalf trusting Him to help them.

Pray the Word for Troubled Marriages

Join me in praying these one-sentence, Scriptural prayers for couples in crisis. We can confidently pray His Word because He has promised to hear prayers that agree with His will. [Read more...]

Fearless and Fruitful Suffering

The headlines read, “The Advance of the Gospel” and “You Can’t Imprison the Message.”

They refer to Philippians 1:12-18, a letter from Paul explaining that his jail time is actually being used by God to advance the Good News about Jesus Christ.

“And most of the brothers, having become confident in the Lord by my imprisonment, are much more bold to speak the Word without fear.” Philippians 1:14

Why would Paul’s imprisonment make other Christians more confident in God?

He was imprisoned because He preached the gospel. People who knew that his ministry landed him in jail became “much more bold to speak the Word without fear.”

Fearless Suffering

That is not natural is it? The potential threat of prison seemed to be of no consequence to them.

I wanted to understand why Paul’s hardship caused others to become bolder witnesses. So I researched a few commentaries and here is what I found:

“Paul’s example gives them courage, because they know that he is suffering for the love of Christ, and is supported in his sufferings by the grace of Christ.” Pulpit Commentary

I can see that. Through Paul’s letters they knew that God was giving him endurance. Imprisonment had less power than God’s Spirit in Paul.

“They feared God and not man,” Gils Exposition of the Entire Bible

I’m guessing the “fear” was an awe of God who supernaturally caused Paul to write words of love and encouragement to them from a jail cell. Only God could fill a man with this goodness while He experienced such injustice.

Another commentary explained that God’s “presence, power, grace, and Spirit, emboldened them.” I want to soak in this truth!

Have you been “delayed” in doing good? Does illness, the lack of funds, a relationship conflict, or an injustice seem to stand in your way from ministering to others? Do you feel your God-appointed purpose has been thwarted?

What if your trial could actually be used to advance the gospel? Could your suffering be a tool God is using to inspire twenty or more people to live courageously for Him. If it were possible in Paul’s life, it is certainly possible in yours.

May we all live fearlessly in the face of suffering using Paul and Jesus as our examples. (Tweet it)

Prayer Prompt:

There is none like You God! No one but You could bring good from circumstances that are deeply rooted in evil intent.

In the midst of temptation, disrespect, and sickness, You are my strength.

I surrender my desire to choose how You will use my life in Your Kingdom. I release my expectation to escape suffering and delay.

I am Your beloved creation, Your servant, and a vessel of Your glory. Use me in any way so that the hearts of those who see me are filled with Your fear-defying courage.

In Jesus, I pray.


Courageous Prayer: I Am Your Servant

We continue our Courageous Prayers Series with this simple prayer inspired by Isaiah 44.

I Am Your Servant

Sear my mind with the reality that I cannot measure up or compete with You.

You are God, the One who made me, and I am Your servant.

My eyes are exposed to Your hate mail. My ears hear the taunts that You are not for me.

Refresh me with evidence of Your faithfulness.

I open my fists of fear to receive Your goodness.

Let Your grace flow into the gaping holes of my weak faith.

God Loves where it is unexpected and undeserved










Give me eyes to see You incessantly pouring out love where it is unexpected and undeserved. [Read more...]

Deliver Us From Evil: Courageous Prayers

There are troubles a plenty in this life. We don’t have to look very far to see that the evil one is busy and productive.

What troubles you?

Is there evil lurking in the lives of those God has given you to love?

Deliver us from Evil prayer firetruck

In the midst of the trials, the fears, the sufferings, the years of waiting, we have a God who delivers. [Read more...]

Asking God for Courage

As I studied for last week’s post, I learned that Elijah was a pretty obscure guy. There’s no backstory on him. We don’t know if he came from a line of brave men or a band of gypsies. He was a man with a nature like ours and he faced a very evil king with a word from the Lord.

How did he get so brave?

In this video, well known authors and pastors, Francis Chan and David Platt discuss the gift of courage given to us by God. [Read more...]

Courageous Prayers: Elijah’s & Yours

Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth. James 5:17 ESV

  Elijah was a man James 5:17

This is my new memory verse.

Want to join me in meditating on the fact that we, like the prophet Elijah, have the same ability to pray powerful prayers that God will answer?

Last week in the ladies Bible study that I attend, our worship leader prepared us to sing You Make Me Brave with the story of Elijah’s bravery. [Read more...]

New Blog Series: Courageous Prayers

The ministry of prayer needs a steady

The ministry of prayer needs a steady dose of confidence in God and courage to believe God will respond to us. We have a persistent enemy who knows what God will do when you and I pray.

This summer at Prayerfully Speaking, we hosted a Confidence Revival focused on our confidence in God. If you missed it here’s a quick overview: [Read more...]

Prayer for New Brides: the Book Cover

August of 2014 has been a beautiful whirlwind for me. So many changes and some really cool firsts for me. How about you?

I’m excited to share with you two big beautiful wows. And I would love to hear about yours (in the comment section). [Read more...]

Her Next Brave Adventure: Pray for Meghan

They were brave and able warriors
(1 Chronicles 12:21 – Living Bible)

I want you to be a part of this brave and able warrior’s story. Meghan Scholtens has impressed me for years with her passion for Africa and her fearlessness in serving there. I asked her to share her latest adventure with us so we can join her mission by praying for her. 

meghan uganda university

My name is Meghan Scholtens and I will be a junior in college this year. I attend John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, but for the Fall semester of 2014 I will be going to college in Mukono, Uganda at a school called Uganda Christian University. [Read more...]